Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are an agreement between WebsiteLounge.co.uk (“We/ Us”) and the party who is agreeing to the terms (“You”).



A client is not necessarily having to accept these terms through signing as these terms are agreed when the client accepts a quote form. Please read all Terms and Conditions carefully and ensure that it is understood before commencing any further.


All quotes are final however, they could change based on the client’s demand. In an instance, if a client was to ask for more work/ complications arise between the initial quote and work completion time then the client will be invoiced further, and an additional payment would be due.


All payments are to be paid in full prior to any work being carried out. Payments can be made through either Bank Transfer or PayPal whichever is agreed between the client and service provider.

Additional Expenses

Any costs that are to be paid for by clients must be paid by clients. Client agrees to reimburse Website Lounge for any additional expenses that may occur.


All clients are entitled to a 28-day money back guarantee. However, this only applies if the service provider has failed to provide. We cannot provide refunds without valid reasoning and in some instances we may only provide part refunds.

Project Termination/Cancelation

The client has 24 hours to cancel any proposed projects from the moment of purchase. Thereafter, the client has up till 14 days to cancel but will be charged at a rate of £45.00 per day.


Turnaround of project is agreed upon beforehand between the client and service provider. Please expect in busy periods it may take longer however, the client will be kept informed with progress.

Client Satisfaction

We will ensure that the client is satisfied with the project and offer revisions if necessary. Although, we have a strict policy when it comes to revisions as we cannot provide unlimited revisions/changes to a client’s project and this will be limited based on each project and project size. If the client wishes, they may make additional payment for further changes.


All our services may only be used lawfully and if we suspect illegal activity we will terminate our services and pass details onto local authorities.


Clients are solely responsible for any material which they provide to be used for their project, Website Lounge does not take any copyright responsibility or any unlicensed product. The client must seek permission for any unowned material used as we may ask for evidence.

Design Credit

A link or tag may appear on the client’s website which diverts to Websitelounge.co.uk. This will be in very small font and not intervene with the website or its design. The client may wish to remove this at a cost of £50.00. And in some instances, clients project may be used for Website Lounges portfolio if the client agrees to do so.

Access Requirement

Website Lounge may need access (temporary) to a client’s account such as a hosting or domain account.

Domain Names

Domain names can be purchased on behalf of the client depending on the project and agreement. Website Lounge is not responsible for renewals as this is the client’s responsibility.


A client may sign an agreement or make an authorised payment to agree to Website lounge’s Terms and Conditions.

Governing Law

This Agreement applies to English Law